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The title of this post is nothing to do with its content; “Cat in a trench coat and trilby children” just happens to be one of the more recent and, frankly, bizarre searches that have caused one unfortunate Googler to fetch up here, so I thought I’d double my chances of getting a hit. From this person at least. That’s how it works, right?

What I was really going to share was something called “The Dynamic Party Sound”, evidently practised by bearded velour-clad 1970s German trumpeters and greatly appreciated by blonde Valkyries who like to wear their breasts where their ears should be.


A search of the Internets leads me to be informed that “Not many people have heard of Frank Valdor. That’s too bad. Frank Valdor was one of a kind, he was the King of Dynamic Partysound, the creator of marvellous hitrecords [sic] like: Wodka a-go-go, Frank Valdor Goes Western, and Scandinavian Party…”

All available, one must assume, on the Praline Records label.

So dust off your needles, pop-pickers, and find yourself some dynamic Teutonic party sounds on 33 1/3 for your summer barbecue. I’ll do my level best to dig out a sample.


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